Christoffer Askman

Revised deadline for renewal of pilot and air traffic controller medicals issued by

Publiceringsdato: 14/05/2019

In April 2019, The Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority (DTCHA) withdrew the approval of the AeMC

As a consequence, all pilots and air traffic controllers, as well as students who had received a medical issued within the last year by, were told to renew their medicals no later than June 7, 2019, even though the validity period extends beyond that date.

The decision has had an impact on several individuals who have had difficulty booking a consultation for a new health examination.


The majority have been able to arrange a time for a renewal, but some still are not able to renew their medical before June 7, 2019.


Since mid-April, the newly appointed medical assessor for the DTCHA has been reviewing all the medicals issued by


Based on this review, it is the assessment of the DTCHA that the renewal of medicals for the majority can be postponed for one month further, so that the examination must be completed no later than July 7, 2019.


However, the review also reveals, that there have been issued medicals without the conditions for issuance having been fully met.


In these cases, the medical will be revoked as soon as the cases are reviewed within the next few weeks. If the persons concerned have renewed their medical in the meantime, they can disregard the notification.